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What if making a change
was easy?

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Our Mission

Curb builds mobile technology to make behaviour change simple. 


We set out asking a simple question: how can we use our team’s expertise in psychiatry, technology and product design to support people who suffer at the sharp end of health inequalities? 


Our mission is to replace reactive, episodic and time limited care with preventative health interventions 
to improve global health equity. We want to free all people to live life on their own terms by delivering them all the information and mental health support they need in day-to-day life. 


Our first product supports patients who want to drink less or stop drinking entirely, and was released in January 2023.

Meet the Team

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Dr David McLaughlan
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David is a consultant psychiatrist with an addictions specialism, and with a decade of experience working in the NHS and independent sector. His vision is to translate cutting edge research into value driven clinical practice. 

(Priory Healthcare, NHS, King’s College London)

Jo Barrow
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Jo’s a senior commercial, marketing and product leader with significant experience in building engaging, delightful interactive digital products with user joy at their core, and she’s excited to bring that to healthcare.

(BuzzFeed, Pottermore, Independent, EX.CO)

We're lucky enough to have help from some of the smartest minds in medicine, technology and psychiatry.

Dr Faith Matcham

A Health Psychologist specialising in mental/physical comorbidity and the use of digital technologies to measure and manage chronic health conditions.

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Dr Salman Razzi

Clinical Product Manager for AI Medical Devices, formerly of Babylon Health, currently at Mass General Brigham Innovation. 

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Kieran Dwyer

Chief Technical Officer at Lister, a health technology app, with a background in senior engineering roles at NHS trusts and FTSE 100 companies. 

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Dr Romayne Gad El Rab

Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Research Fellow at Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience

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Dr Emma Warnock-Parkes

Research Clinical Psychologist working on internet delivered cognitive therapy treatments and testing these in randomised controlled clinical trials.

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Dr Jonathan Gregory

Digital Healthcare Consultancy, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur and Honorary Research Fellow Imperial College

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