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Kick start your workplace wellbeing with Curb and join the 9 million participants of Dry January.

70% of people who take on a Dry January challenge are still drinking less six months later1


Dry January offers a fantastic opportunity to engage your workforce with a fun challenge with very real and tangible health benefits to your employees.

Curb is offering a series of online and offline events, in addition to anonymous access to their mobile app which has been developed by leading doctors and psychologists.

Let us support your team to live their happiest and healthiest lives. 

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Does alcohol harm your organisation?

Alcohol is a hidden problem in almost all places of work.


However it is the underlying cause of approximately 5% of all sick days with loss of productivity costing the UK economy £7 billion each year.2

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Built for employee wellbeing

We have interviewed hundreds of employees and HR Directors as well as providers of employee wellbeing and occupational health specialists. 

This has helped us to understand the specific challenges faced by your workforce and the best ways to support them in a safe, anonymous way without stigma or shame.

We are particularly keen to support you with your efforts in recruitment and retention of employees who occupy valuable or hard to fill roles. 

Additionally, we are well placed to support employees who have a duty of care to the public or undertake safety critical roles such as construction, transport or emergency service workers.

We partner with employers, healthcare providers and individuals to enable
long lasting health by giving people the tools to fight their habits effectively.


Support employee well-being and reduce the cost and frequency of claims

Healthcare providers

Improve employee self management, gather population level health insights and reducing preventable costs


Gives employees access a consistent, high standard of care, leading to improved personal health outcomes and improved productivity

90% of Curb users achieve their goals.

The effectiveness of Curb has been assessed by academics from The University of Sussex.

In our pilot study, 90% of users successfully managed to achieve their goal of reducing their drinking or quitting altogether.

We also saw statistically significant improvements in mood and anxiety levels, using the internationally validated PHQ9 and GAD7 tools.

“Apart from being pregnant, I haven't managed to stop drinking for 2 weeks before! I am so thankful to this app, it really seems to be working for me. It is holding me accountable and helping in those tricky moments.”

- Pilot study participant

The Curb Team

Curb was co-founded by Jo Barrow and Dr David McLaughlan.

We have since grown the company thanks to the support of champions who have believed in our potential and also shared our ambition and vision. 

We ourselves are champions of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and believe that using innovation to increase access to support for harmful habits is one of the most important ways that we can contribute.


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