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Curb Joins the Prestigious Neurotech Accelerator Programme

We're incredibly excited to announce that Curb has been selected as one of the nine pioneering neurotech companies to join the Biomedical Catalyst Neurotech Accelerator Programme! This esteemed programme, run by Pioneer Group and supported by Innovate UK, aims to advance the commercial and technical viability of innovative solutions in the neurological health and care sector.

About the Neurotech Accelerator Programme

Biomedical Catalyst is Innovate UK's flagship grant funding initiative, providing invaluable support and resources to small and medium-sized enterprises in the healthcare industry. During the eight-week programme, companies like Curb will work closely with dedicated coaches and industry experts to transform innovative ideas into minimum viable products with clear market potential.

The programme is designed to offer a well-rounded growth experience, introducing participants to key industry figures who can offer advice on investment, market adoption, and scaling. Given the substantial impact of Pioneer Group in the life sciences space—helping create more than 100 companies that have collectively raised over £300 million—this is an unprecedented opportunity for Curb to leap ahead in the field of neurotechnology-based addiction treatment.

Dr. David McLaughlan, Co-founder of Curb, said:

"We are humbled to have been selected onto this highly competitive accelerator. We are fully committed to making the most of the opportunity and continuing to realise the potential seen by the investors, customers and early adopters of Curb."

What's Next for Curb?

The next eight weeks promise to be a transformative period for Curb. As we continue to develop our product, this programme provides us with the perfect platform to fine-tune our approach, validate our solutions, and accelerate our go-to-market strategy. The end goal? To bring a revolutionary change in the addiction treatment landscape, driven by cutting-edge neurotechnology.

Jo Barrow, co-founder of Curb, said: “It is the perfect time for Curb to join the Biomedical Catalyst Neurotech Accelerator and we are looking forward to honing our value prop and business model with the expert advice and workshops provided.”

In Conclusion

We want to extend our deepest gratitude to Pioneer Group and Innovate UK for recognizing the potential of Curb and providing us with this incredible opportunity. We're eager to engage, learn, and collaborate as we navigate through this high-impact accelerator programme.

The future of neurotechnology has never looked brighter, and Curb is thrilled to be a part of shaping that future. Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this exciting journey!

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