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Go Dry for January with our new mobile app

The start of 2023 marks the 10th year of Dry January. Over the last decade, the campaign founded by Alcohol Change UK has grown in popularity year on year. In 2022, 130,000 individuals took part in the challenge to give up alcohol for a month and it looks like that this record will be broken again this year.

But just because more people are pledging to start the year alcohol-free, doesn’t mean it’s easy to quit.

That’s why we’re launching our innovative new mobile app, Curb, just in time to help participants beat the temptation to drink through Dry January and beyond.

What is Curb?

Curb is a mobile application which helps people to cut down or quit drinking alcohol. It’s free to use and always on hand to help you when things become challenging.

Curb uses JITAI, or “Just In Time Adaptive Intervention”. It’s an approach that’s proven by science and help is always available to support you through moments of temptation no matter when they may strike. It’s this round-the-clock support that’s key to avoiding giving in to behaviours and habits we want to change. Co-founder and visiting consultant psychiatrist at The Priory Hospital, Dr David McLaughlan, explains that:

It’s a little bit like having your own personal coach on your phone, providing you with scientifically proven techniques, tools and support to cut down or quit drinking. Because it’s an app, it’s available 24/7, meaning that you can use it discreetly anytime, anywhere.”

So how does it work?

Consistency is at the heart of success with Curb. Each day, Curb checks in with you. It asks how you are feeling and gets you to make a pledge to cut down or not drink at all. To help you stick to that promise, Curb offers a range of personalised tools and techniques such as mindfulness, journaling, breathing exercises and your own unique motivation board to help beat temptation.

During the month of January, users will also get access to a 31 day plan and alcohol workbook to guide you through the challenge.

Using AI technology, Curbi learns more about you over time and is able to offer increasingly personalised and precise insights. This helps you understand when you are at risk of slipping back into unwanted behaviours and what techniques work best for you.

Why have we launched Curb now?

Our Chief Medical Officer, David McLaughlan has been treating people with alcohol addiction in the NHS and private sector for over a decade. In that time, demand for services has only increased leaving patients on long waiting lists and unable to access the care they need. Curb is free to use and doesn’t require a doctor’s referral which can often put people off asking for help. As our CMO, David, says:

A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of asking their doctor to help them cut down or quit drinking. Jitai gives them access to a toolkit built by experts, but without the stigma or fear of judgement. It means we can help people change their drinking behaviours, much earlier before it becomes problematic.

As Curb goes live, we’re excited to offer help and support to anyone looking to cut down or quit drinking throughout Dry January and beyond.

You can download Curb in the App Store or Google Play.

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