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Curb’s Chief Medical Officer selected as an NHS clinic entrepreneur

We are very excited to announce that our Chief Medical Officer, Dr David McLaughlan, has been selected to join the NHS clinical entrepreneur programme.

The programme brings together NHS staff and healthcare professionals with fresh ideas for ways to innovate care and support for both patients and staff.

A photo of David
Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr David McLaughlan

The program ensures that entrepreneurs are not forced to choose between their business ideas and roles within the NHS. Instead, it supports creative thinkers and allows entrepreneurs to build on their business, keeping talent in the NHS and helping to revolutionise healthcare from within.

For our CMO, David, it’s a chance to combine his clinical and entrepreneurial goals. He says:

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Program is an incredible opportunity for clinicians like myself to develop commercial acumen whilst combining innovation with the clinical excellence of the NHS.

David joins an amazing cohort of forward thinkers working in healthcare. The programme has become the biggest workforce development programme of its kind, creating an entrepreneurial hive mind within the NHS. This collaboration and community is key for David, who says:

I’m a huge believer in the power of community, horizontal networking and collaborative value exchange. Surrounding myself with motivated individuals with talent and grit keeps me inspired and determined to achieve my own goals, as well as allowing me the pleasure of celebrating others when they achieve theirs.

Over the next year, David and his fellow entrepreneurs will undergo a crash-course in how to launch a successful start-up. As we move into a crucial period in our development at Curb, David will have access to valuable resources, including one-to-one mentoring, business coaching, and pitching opportunities. David says:

One of the most valuable aspects of this programme is the coaching and mentoring as well as introductions to relevant decision makers. This will help Curb navigate procurement pathways whilst ensuring that we have a robust product market fit adding tangible value to both clinical and commercial stakeholders.

Combining David’s clinical expertise with this professional development will help ensure Curb continues to address the challenges being faced by patients and the NHS as a whole. The programme will provide expert support as we move through our launch period and into the health tech market, keeping quality care and patient experience the priority throughout Curb’s development.

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